pcms documentation
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Note: pcms serves my own needs (only?), so I just implement what is necessary for my projects. If something is missing, that means I just had no use for that feature.

Design Goals

  • Provide a simple, non-intrusive Page delivery system, based on HTML templates
  • No database needed, no setup, no strings. The filesystem is also the Site structure.
  • Programmer friendly, or, code-first: There is no UI! Ever!
  • Can render markdown as well as plain HTML, but with some kind of template engine

Implemented features

  • Web server written in GO
  • serves HTML and Markdown files from a root folder
  • Folder structure defines URL routes
  • Content is rendered using a Template engine (see pongo2 below)
  • No database needed, file-based only.
  • Uses pongo2, a Django-like template engine written in GO for html/markdown files to create pages based on templates
  • separates theme / layout from content
  • restricted pages with HTTP Basic Auth credentials supported
  • self-contained binary: you just need the one single binary to run a pcms site

Once-to-be-implemented features

  • on-the-fly sass-to-css transformation
  • static output generation of whole site
  • Template / HTML caching
  • API for querying and maintaining the running app
  • … and a lot more: Ideas are pending…