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Welcome to pcms the Programmer's Content management System

CMS systems are great. They allow the user to produce content without caring about the underlying technology or frameworkds. But as for all frameworks, they have their limits.

I was at some point always limited by CMS systems, and I don't want a CMS that is in my way of doing things.

For me, a CMS is too restrictive. I don't fear writing HTML and program code. I am a developer, at last, so I feel more comfortable writing code in an editor than clicking in a UI.

This is the idea behind pcms, the Programmer's CMS: A clutter-free, code-centric, simple CMS to deliver web sites. For people that love to code, also while producing content.

This is the documentation of pcms. Be aware that you need to know the following architectures / concepts in order to use both pcms and this documentation:

  • You love (reading and writing) code.
  • You have a natural aversion of UIs.
  • You know NodeJS and JavaScript
  • You know the npm ecosystem
  • You know HTML, CSS and know how to use them
  • You have heard of Markdown

If you can answer "Yes, piece of cake!" to those question, then pcms is for you.

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